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The primary purpose of the Undergraduate Research Symposium is to provide a forum where undergraduate students may present their research to others in a professional environment. Audience members are expected to support the goals of the symposium by being congenial, positive, and supportive of all presenters and by following the general expecations of the conference.




One of the most important features that sets the URS apart from other undergraduate conferences is that we assign Faculty Moderators to offer informal but constructive written feedback to presenters. Moderators are given forms when they register on the day of the event and fill them out during sessions, then return them to the presenters when the sessions are over. In past symposia, students have overwhelmingly stated in their URS evaluation forms that they most benefitted from the feedback they received from the moderators.




Moderating Sessions: Each session will include 3-4 presenters, who will each be allotted 15-20 minutes to present his or her research. A question-and-answer period will be held after all students have presented. Honors students will preside over sessions and will introduce presenters and keep track of time.


Moderating Posters: The posters will be displayed during the entire symposium, but the actual poster session will be held for about an hour, when the students will stand by their posters and talk about them with viewers. Moderators will evaluate the posters themselves and the students' presentations of their research.



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